As I write this article, I’m counting two visits to Krakow but I know there could easily be more in the future. A stunning historical city, among other things, Krakow boasts many beautiful cafes. The second you step into Krakow’s Jewish quarter, you are spoiled for choice of bars. I am not exaggerating when I say that every second cafe or bar has a beautiful and original vintage atmosphere to it. I could’ve included any one of these places on the list of magical places in Krakow. What’s more, I did include quite a few of them! I was instantly aware that I wouldn’t have enough time in Krakow to visit them all. I rectified that during my second visit but this is probably the beginning of an article that will be updated in the future!

Massolit Books & Cafe

Felicjanek 4, 31-104 Krakow

We’re starting the list of the most beautiful cafes in Krakow with my personal favorite. At Massolit Books & Cafe you’ll find both new and secondhand books on all subjects. The bookstore specializes in Polish, Eastern European, and Jewish literature, which I found most interesting. With an impressive offer of books in English and an extremely inviting decor, this bookstore cafe will steal your heart away. It took no effort whatsoever to picture myself curled up with a book here for hours on end.

With 20,000 titles to scour through in this enchanting café, you’ll be busy for a while. Not to mention that the cozy interior will make you want to never leave. Truly one of the most beautiful cafes in Krakow, Massolit Books & Cafe is one of my top recommendations. I know that if I lived in Krakow, this would be my go-to café!

beautiful cafes in krakow, massolit books cafe

Cytat Cafe

Miodowa 23, 31-055 Krakow

I think it’s clear to see why Cytat Cafe made it on the list of most beautiful cafes in Krakow. That archway made of books immediately made me want to see it with my own eyes. Walls covered in bookshelves, endless cozy corners, and delicious lemonades are the reasons why I would wholeheartedly recommend this place. After all, I think we would all agree that a literary cafe sounds like an amazing idea!

Camelot Cafe

Świętego Tomasza 17, 33-332 Krakow

One of the most popular cafes in Krakow and one that I already mentioned in a previous article, Camelot Cafe is a showstopper. Usually, I’m not much for pink decor but in this case, it helps create a genuinely romantic setting. In fact, the distinct pink-colored walls and its unique cavern-like interior are what separates it from other cafes in Krakow. In short, it’s at the top of my cafe suggestions for Krakow!

beautiful cafes in krakow, camelot cafe


Józefa 9, 31-056 Krakow

I only dropped by here for a quick lemonade one sunny morning. However, I’ll never forget it due to the magical dappled light peeking through the windows and giving Eszeweria an unforgettable look. Speaking of the decor, it feels like walking into someone’s living room from quite a few decades ago. That’s what I love most about the beautiful cafes in Krakow, this type of interior design. I get an aura of sepia-colored images whenever I frequent such cafés. What’s more, Eszeweria is right up my alley, the kind of café I would return to and write while surrounded by such inspiring scenery!

Szal Cafe

Rynek Główny 3, 31-048 Krakow

A rooftop bar right in the middle of the main square in Krakow? Yes, please! Szal Cafe was the very first place we visited upon our arrival in Krakow. Not gonna lie, it was a marvelous introduction to this delightful city. It was rather hard to find due to poor signage but ultimately worth the trouble. The view from the terrace was even more enjoyable on a sunny June day!


Beera Meiselsa 18, 31-058 Krakow

While it’s true that HEVRE could sooner be listed as one of the most beautiful restaurants in Krakow rather than cafes, I couldn’t resist including it here. Aside from food, you can easily grab a drink in this magnificent place. Always brimming with people due to its original setting and vintage atmosphere, HEVRE is one of the coolest places in Kazimierz. Krakow’s vibrant quarter offers many cool bars but one situated inside a former synagogue surely beats them all. Whatever your plans in Krakow are, be sure to check out this extraordinary spot!

beautiful cafes in krakow, hevre bar


Estery 20, 31-056 Krakow

Continuing with the inspiring cafés all over Kazimierz, I can’t omit the splendid Singer. All the tables in this charming pub are in fact repurposed Singer sewing machines, which adds to the special atmosphere. During the day, the old-fashioned decor gives it a cozy vibe, whereas nighttime turns it into a dancefloor. Whatever time of the day you find yourself in Singer, I’m sure you’ll have a lovely time!


Świętego Tomasza 43, 31-027 Krakow

If we’re talking hidden gems when it comes to cafes in Krakow, METRUM easily takes the win. Situated on top of a school building, it lacks proper signage but is more than worth the trouble of finding it. Boasting the most beautiful view of Krakow, it’s the rooftop bar straight out of a dream. Decked out in fairy lights, the terrace is the perfect location for whiling away a few hours. I would return to Krakow during the colder months just to catch a view of the sunset from this spot!


Estery 5, 31-056 Krakow

Another one of the many irresistible pubs scattered through Kazimierz, Alchemia is a great place for both food and drinks. I popped in not long after opening time, eager to photograph the moody interior. Once again, I was lucky enough to get the whole place to myself. While I loved seeing it in daylight, I could only imagine the candle-lit ambiance here at night. All things considered, it’s another great cafe in Krakow to add to your endless list!


Beera Meiselsa 20, 31-058 Krakow

Similarly, Mleczarnia is another cafe where it looks like time has stopped. Walls overflowing with old family portraits and mismatched furniture only add to the peculiar charm of this cafe. During the warmer months, you’ll find an inviting terrace right across the street, in the shade of trees. I chose to enjoy the vintage interior with a slice of walnut cake but I admit that the terrace was equally tempting!

Hotel Copernicus rooftop bar

Kanonicza 16, 31-002 Krakow

Situated on top of Hotel Copernicus, this rooftop bar offers a pretty view of Wawel Castle. We were lucky enough to catch the sunset colors reflecting on the castle. There aren’t that many rooftop bars in Krakow hence why I made sure to check all of them out. This particular one isn’t a favorite of mine because you pretty much have only one side with a proper view so bear that in mind!

Czarka Tearoom

Szpitalna 24, 33-332 Krakow

For all the tea lovers out there, Czarka Tearoom is the place for you. We only popped in for a quick photo or two because we were late for something else. However, this tea room looked so cute that we had to quickly say hi to the owner. Either way, I know where I’m sitting down next time I’m in Krakow!

beautiful cafes in krakow, czarka tearoom

Magia Café & Bar

Plac Mariacki 3, 31-042 Krakow

The very last stop on my second trip to Krakow, the Magia Café & Bar was quite easy to find. Situated on the main square, it’s a quaint little coffee shop on two floors. After climbing up the Bugle Tower, I relaxed with a refreshing strawberry lemonade. Alongside drinks, they also serve food that I’ll have to check out next time. Overall, another great option among the many cafes in Krakow!

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