At the start of May, I joined my friend for a few days in Luxembourg. A whirlwind trip that included lush forests, cliffs, fields of flowers, quaint villages, and much more. Foremost, our road trip included lots of pretty castles scattered all over the country. Luxembourg might be a tiny country but it’s full of surprises. Even one weekend in Luxembourg City won’t be enough to see everything but it’s a great start.

spring in luxembourg

Getting to know the capital of Luxembourg included lots of strolling around. The city is rather small, with a population barely surpassing 120,000. What’s more, only 30% of the population is Luxembourgish. An extremely metropolitan city, it offers many interesting things. So it’s obvious how one can easily fill an itinerary of two or three days in Luxembourg.

What to see in Luxembourg

First up, I would suggest taking a long walk and marveling at the views of the Old Town. There are a handful of good viewpoints scattered around the old town of Luxembourg. One of the newest additions is the Pfaffenthal Panoramic Elevator. At a height of 75 m, it connects the lower part of the city to the upper part. Personally, I think the best time to go is at sunrise. The biggest downside of any other time of the day is all the smudges on the glass. Obviously, you’ll find it perfectly clean when the elevator opens every day at 5:45 AM.

pfaffenthal elevator luxembourg

By following the Chemin de la Corniche, you’ll find the prettiest views of the Alzette Valley. It overlooks Grund, a historic neighborhood of Luxembourg City. At the height of spring, the greenery was lush and vibrant. It was wonderful and I kept wondering how it would look during autumn!

view of luxembourg old town

Overall, walking through Old Town is a delight. Graced with old buildings on every corner, the winding alleys are so picturesque. In particular, the Grand Ducal Palace has a unique facade with gorgeous blue doors. Too bad we were visiting so early because you can actually visit the interior during the summer months!

luxembourg grand ducal palace

One of my favorite spots in the city is the Constitution Square. The gardens below are beautiful and the views are magnificent. That Saturday, a small fair of some sort was taking place nearby so we grabbed some street food. The impossible-to-pronounce Gromperekichelcher is basically a potato pancake and tasted rather good! We didn’t try enough Luxembourgish delicacies but they do have plenty of intriguing dishes, which are a unique mix of Belgian, French, and German cuisine.

My favorite hidden gem in Luxembourg was Lady Jane, a secret speakeasy bar. You’ll need a password to get in, one that changes on a weekly basis. It goes without saying that the bar is brilliant. The second you step in, you can feel the unique atmosphere of the place. Not to mention how exquisite the cocktails and mocktails are!

A city of contrasts, there are also plenty of modern places to visit in Luxembourg. Such as the Contemporary Art Museum, situated next to the remnants of the Luxembourg fortress. Don’t forget to visit the tunnels of Bock Casemates and Petrusse, two different series of defensive passages. Equally so, the Notre Dame Cathedral and Neumunster Abbey are a must-see.

luxembourg bock casemates

As we crossed the Adolphe Bridge and headed to the train station, I couldn’t stop marveling at the architecture on Avenue de la Liberté. Some of the most impressive buildings in all of Luxembourg are right here so don’t miss it when visiting! During our weekend in Luxembourg, we discovered the coolest fact about the city. Since 2020, public transport is free of charge. Buses, trains, trams, you name it; every single mode of transport is free all over the country.

beautiful building in luxembourg

In conclusion, the country of Luxembourg is an underrated destination. Spending a weekend in Luxembourg sounds like a great idea for discovering the country. From there, you could easily prolong your stay and explore more of this tiny country. An idea made even better by the fact that all modes of public transport are free in the whole country. So without further ado, go ahead and explore this interesting little country!

pretty view of luxembourg
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