Last month, we had the chance to spend two nights at Chateau de Froidcour. More specifically, at the Falcon’s Nest, the highest tower in the castle. Recently renovated, this lovely studio offers magnificent views of the valley. Tucked away in the Ardennes, this charming edifice offers a unique stay inside an old castle. Belgium famously has over 3000 castles so whenever I can, I will say yes to staying in a castle in Belgium.

windy day in the chateau de froidcour garden

I first fell under the charm of Froidcour back in 2016, one foggy autumn day. We were driving through the region and I couldn’t believe my eyes as I spotted a castle in the midst of all that fog. With towers and spires rising out of a stubborn fog, it was a cinematic sight.

chateau de froidcour in stoumont belgium

When it comes to the castle itself, Chateau de Froidcour is still the private residence of the De Harenne family. It has been in the family for over 200 years and they have recently opened the doors of the Falcon’s Nest to the public. Furthermore, they have a holiday cottage right next to the castle available for rent. An original castle structure that was recently renovated, it fits up to 22 people. Perfectly equipped with all modern amenities, it also has a sauna, billiards table, and a garden.

Coming back to our stay, you need to climb 82 steps in order to reach the Falcon’s Nest. On top of the spiral staircase, we found our cozy little nest for the weekend. During our two-night stay, we took lots of photos, did some cooking in the open kitchen, and mostly relaxed in the living room. From the castle, you can take two hikes in opposite directions, both 6 km long. There is also the December 44 Museum in Stoumont, which is an interesting WW2 museum that we visited a few years ago.

While there, there was sunshine, torrential rain, and impressive sunrises. I guess we got lucky during that 2-night stay! I always love experiencing one place during different weather conditions. The whole stay feels prolonged when I get to witness a stunning sunrise and then heavy rain followed by a rainbow.

Speaking of rainbows and views, I spent so much by the windows while at Chateau de Froidcour. Three large windows overlook the valley, rounded up by a fourth smaller window. The walls of the tower are so thick that you have a deep niche in each and every window. Which was perfect for observing animals with binoculars. Equally so, the adorable turret was my favorite aspect of the interior.

It’s no coincidence that the place bears the name Falcon’s Nest. If you’re patient enough, you can see them fly by next to the windows. Depending on the time of the year, they build their nests right on this tower. The owners thought of everything, leaving a pair of binoculars at your disposal. In addition, you can observe dozens and dozens of deer in the open field. I’m not exaggerating when I say we saw around 40 of them grazing away one afternoon! I always love observing animals in the wild but I must admit that doing it from a castle tower felt even more special.

Upon arriving, the owners kindly welcomed us and then proceeded to tell us about the history of Chateau de Froidcour. Starting from the very first moat castle built in the 14th century, whose ruins are still visible. You’ll find them around a small rose garden, overgrown with ivy.

The castle we see today is the third one, a needed expansion for the big family back in 1912. One of the most fascinating things about the castle is that it has its own chapel. Hearing it chime every hour was adorable and made us feel like we had traveled back in time.

Traces of WWII history are still visible in the tower where Germans used to keep American soldiers that were detained as prisoners of war. What’s more, there are a handful of original messages all over the castle. Inside the tower, an inscription refers to a soldier by the name of Robert Morgan. Back in 2016, an American guest took it upon himself to trace his steps and found out that the survived the war and died in 1991. It was utterly fascinating to be so close to history relating to WWII.

All in all, staying at Chateau de Froidcour was fairytale-like. Traipsing around the grounds of the castle in my dress, I felt like a character from a period film. The surroundings are marvelous and the tower offers the perfect romantic getaway. It’s a unique experience and one of the best escapades you can do in Wallonia!

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