Last year, on the hottest July day in Bruges, we spent a night at the Martin’s Relais hotel. Situated inside a historical building, this 4-star hotel boasts magnificent canal views of Bruges. You’ll find it in the very heart of Bruges, alongside Spiegelrei. One of the many streets lined with enchanting gingerbread houses that Bruges is so famous for.

room at martin's relais hotel bruges

The hotel comprises five different houses rolled into one, the oldest one being 700 years old. It’s close to the city center but ultimately in a peaceful area. The fact that the hotel is made up of so many different buildings means that it feels labyrinthine at moments. There are 44 rooms in total, all different from one another.

martin's relais hotel library room

We spent a night in the Library Room, a suite centered around its beautiful bookshelf. In fact, it’s the newest addition to the hotel and in my opinion, the most charming room in the hotel. We felt spoiled upon finding a bottle of cava on ice and some unique Belgian biscuits.

library room in the hotel martin's relais bruges

The room was cozy and inviting, thanks to a whole bookshelf for a wall. Not to mention the curved bow window which offers an elegant and snug seating area. From this gorgeous spot, you have a lovely view of the canal! Also, it’s worth mentioning the adjoining bathroom with a walk-in shower that has a rainfall showerhead.

Our stay at Martin’s Relais coincided with one of the hottest summer days last year. However, we didn’t feel that at all. We didn’t leave our air-conditioned room until late in the evening when we ventured out for some ice cream. I especially loved the interior of our suite. The complementary green and orange shades paired with industrial lamps. In truth, some of the photos look like they’re ready for a movie set!

martin's relais boutique hotel in bruges

The hotel also has an inner courtyard and a hidden rose garden, which looked lovely during our July stay. Another beautiful aspect of Martin’s Relais is the hotel bar. Picture yourself in an elegant armchair in front of the fireplace with a cocktail at hand. It’s a stylish lounge room that evokes the charm of the olden days in Bruges. In essence, the refined and sumptuous decor is a delight to see and to be surrounded by.

martin's relais hotel bar in bruges

Breakfast at Martin’s Relais

When it comes to breakfast, you’ll feel as spoiled as I felt in my room. The breakfast room at Martin’s Relais also overlooks the canal. What more could one ask for with such a beautiful view and a hearty breakfast? You can choose whatever you want from the breakfast buffet. There are two dining areas and one of them is absolutely stunning. High ceilings, crystal chandeliers, antique furniture, and beautifully laid tables. That morning we woke up for sunrise and I couldn’t help but sneak in for a few photos!

Since the hotel has a back entrance to Spiegelrei, I wanted to wake up for sunrise. Being able to walk alongside the canals of Bruges 5 minutes after waking up was brilliant. Bruges at sunrise felt otherwordly. Devoid of people and cars, it was peaceful and inspiring. After the sunrise stroll, we wandered through the vintage staircases of the hotel. I always love exploring every nook and cranny of a historical hotel!

The Martin’s Relais hotel in Bruges will make you feel like you traveled back in time. There’s a romantic atmosphere to this place. It must be a combination of the historical building, a view of the canal, and the vintage-inspired interior. In essence, it makes for a dreamy stay in the gorgeous city of Bruges!

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