Fresh off the two amazing days we spent in Gdansk, we arrived in Poland’s seaside resort city. One day in Sopot was enough to fall under the charm of this lovely city. Called the jewel of the Baltic Sea, Sopot has long been a popular spa and tourist resort destination. In fact, Sopot is currently celebrating 200 years as a spa resort this year!

Situated between Gdansk and Gdynia, the three cities form a metropolitan area called Tri-City. Gdansk is a historical port city, whereas Gdynia boasts a completely modern and urban look. Finally, you have Sopot, the seaside haven that attracts people from all sides of life. You can easily travel between the three cities by train or car. More impressively though, you can do the same by bike! With more than 500 km of cycling paths, a bike is a great idea for visiting Sopot.

Let me start from the beginning though! Our morning started off at Mera Spa, where we practiced some rooftop yoga followed by refreshing swims in the many pools that were at our disposal. Soon after, we were up on our bikes. We had a lovely bike tour with our guide Eliza, who showed us all the cool spots in the city. We also learned a lot about the city’s history and we got a sneak peek into the Grand Hotel. This historical hotel dates back to 1924 and it still looks as glorious as it did back then!

One of Sopot’s most famous landmarks is the Sopot Pier. It measures 511,5 meters and is the longest wooden pier in Europe. The very first pier was built in 1827 at a shorter length, following subsequent renovations. Today the pier is the perfect spot for a sunset walk. It’s open 24/7 but during the high season, you have to buy a ticket to enter it. An adult ticket amounts to 10 PLN, which is roughly 2,25€.

sea in sopot at sunset

Funnily enough, Sopot owes its status of a spa resort city to one of Napoleon’s army majors, a doctor by the name of Jean Georg Haffner. After the French Army withdrew in 1814, he chose to stay in the city and carry on as a medical doctor. Soon after, he obtained the license to operate a spa seaside resort in Sopot. He built a spa hotel and a few bath pavillions. His actions are what led to the city becoming a famous spa resort throughout the 19th century.

grand hotel in sopot

Another landmark that is impossible to miss is the lighthouse. It dates back to 1904 and it offers a panoramic view of the city. Unfortunately, our day was so rushed that we didn’t get to check out the view for ourselves. The lighthouse overlooks the beautiful square as well as the white sand beaches. If you’re looking for a great view of Sopot coupled with yummy cake, head over to MammaMia Cafe.

An important part of our visit to Sopot was the Slow Fest Sopot, a food festival dedicated to intentionally prepared dishes. There is an emphasis on small entrepreneurs and promoting the traditions of the region. The event takes place one weekend in June on the famous Sopot Pier and you need a ticket to access it. However, a tasting portion costs only 5 PLN, which amounts to 1,15 €. All in all, it’s an amazing way to support local businesses and try delicious Polish cuisine!

In addition, we tried out two other restaurants while in Sopot. The first among them was L’Entre Villes, situated inside a beautiful old villa. They focus on Polish cuisine with a French twist so needless to say, the food was impeccable! Our second dinner took place at Caly Gawel Cantine Bar Cafe, a trendy place where you can grab a drink or sit down for a great meal. Personally, we loved our vegetarian halloumi bowls!

Regarding the architecture in Sopot, it is quite unique. During the 19th century, Art Nouveau and neo-Gothic elements changed the look of the city. Eclecticism and Romanticism were in fashion and since Sopot was turning into a popular seaside destination, architecture slowly followed. You’ll find quite a few Art Nouveau houses, one of them housing the Museum of Sopot.

As you wander alongside the cycling and pedestrian path, you’ll notice some beautiful houses. Furthermore, the residential areas surrounding the train station hide many architectural gems. As soon as we photographed one, we would notice another beautiful villa down the same street. I especially loved the houses with wooden bay windows.

On the whole, the architecture is delightful. It combines familiar architectural styles with a unique result. Being a seaside town, the city is overflowing with impressive villas. Finally, I need to mention the Crooked House, a unique example of contemporary architecture. Situated on the busy main street called Monciak, it’s hard to fit it in one shot due to the crowds and the trees blocking the facade. Either way, it’s still a mind-boggling structure dating back to 2004 and you shouldn’t miss it!

The healing traditions of Sopot have been helping people since the early 19th century. Together with the seaside air and inhalation mushrooms in local parks, the town has a wealth of things that improve health conditions. Essentially, Sopot is the perfect place for some unwinding and finding tranquility.

spa house in sopot
beach sunset in sopot

Overall, that one day in Sopot flew by. While I think it’s doable as a day trip from Gdansk, I also think it deserves spending the night. After all, it’s a seaside town that focuses on spas and relaxation which means taking things slower!

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