During the three days we spent in Porto, we had some memorable meals all over the city. We focused on trying out a few local dishes. Starting from francesinha, the infamous sandwich straight from Porto, to fried codfish cakes. Cod, or as the Portuguese call it, bacalhau, can be prepared in hundreds of different ways. Even with so many days at our disposal, it felt like we didn’t try out enough restaurants. But I guess that was bound to be the case when in Portugal. So if you’re wondering where to eat in Porto, let’s get into it!

O Fado

Largo São João Novo 16, 4050-556 Porto

Since this was our first time visiting Portugal in general, my friend and I decided to go all out one evening and choose a restaurant with live Fado. This music genre specific to Portugal is known for its melancholy and expressive singing. After looking into it, we chose the restaurant O Fado and booked ourselves a table. With only a handful of tables, the restaurant feels intimate and cozy.

We went for their specialties, the octopus and cod, and it tasted absolutely amazing. Our dinner lasted for three brilliant hours. The night turned into one of those nights where you just click with the waiter and it feels like cracking jokes with your friends. During the night, we were treated to three different performances of Fado. All in all, it was an experience to remember and if you’re looking for where to eat in Porto, look no further. I would definitely recommend this restaurant for the great food and beautiful Fado singing!

A Sandeira do Porto

Rua dos Caldeireiros 85, Porto

This sandwich shop was the very last place I stepped into before taking the train to Lisbon. I grabbed their vegetarian sandwich and had a food epiphany on the train. Honestly, it was one of the best sandwiches I had ever tried in my life! Fried tofu, fresh goat cheese, and apples made for a rather unique sandwich. I was planning on eating at A Sandeira do Porto so this wasn’t an accident. However, I didn’t expect it to be this delicious. If you ask me where to eat in Porto, this sandwich shop will be among my first suggestions!

Ora Viva

Rua da Fonte Taurina 83, 4050-551 Porto

On our very first night in Porto, we chose a tiny little restaurant on a charming street. Barely three meters wide with various currencies hanging off of the ceiling, the interior was eccentric but cozy. We both opted for seafood at Ora Viva. I must admit that the octopus and the codfish were equally delicious! If you’re in Porto and wondering where to eat, wander into the tiny alleys and find great local restaurants such as this one.

Santa Francesinha

Praça dos Poveiros 72, 4000-032 Porto

A visit to Porto wouldn’t be complete without its most famous sandwich, francesinha. The original recipe includes all kinds of meat between slices of bread, swimming in a sausage sauce. Finally, there is melted cheese and a fried egg on top of everything. Frankly, it is an obscene amount of food. It reminded me of a heavier croque monsieur, which is a dish I’ve seen around Belgium. There are many restaurants serving this dish but we chose Santa Francesinha. Mostly because they offer the vegan version alongside the original one. Since I don’t eat meat, I ordered the vegan francesinha but ultimately, this wasn’t my cup of tea. I don’t even like cheese so I guess it was never meant to be. However, I was still glad to have tasted this local delicacy!


Largo São Domingos 96, 4050-265 Porto

This little restaurant was packed with guests as we walked in one evening. Opting for a lighter dinner after a heavy lunch, we decided to eat at Pregar. My friend went with a burger while I got a codfish sandwich. The food was great and the prices were affordable. Overall, a great choice if you’re in a hurry and want to have a quick meal!

Castro Atelier

Rua de Mouzinho da Silveira 61, 4050-420 Porto

Obviously, if we’re talking about where to eat in Porto, we can’t skip out on pasteis de nata. This famous Portuguese pastry originates from Lisbon but can be found all over the country today. And the best pasteis de nata in Porto is at Castro. Best of all, you can see the preparation process in person. It was funny to see them fresh out of the oven because they were all puffy! All things considered, it’s a lovely tea room with great hot chocolate and delicious pasteis de nata!

Rota do Cha

Rua de Miguel Bombarda 457, 4050-382 Porto

This charming tea house is a bit outside of the center, close to the Crystal Palace Gardens. As we sat on the terrace under orange trees, it felt like summer. For a moment, I genuinely forgot it was March and that the first day in Porto was rainy. Aside from the sunny terrace, Rota do Cha also has a unique interior. Inspired by Asian countries, it’s cozy and beautiful. As expected, the choice of tea is abundant, offering 300 different teas. But you can also grab a bite here. Whether it’s just a slice of cake, a toasted sandwich, or even a full brunch!

rota do cha tea room interior in porto
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