Back in August, in the midst of summer, we spent one lovely night in a unique yurt. Situated near Tournai, the Zero Waste Yurt is the perfect place to disconnect and relax. With a strong focus on sustainability and the environment, it stands out among similar lodgings.

zero waste yurt interior

Upon entering, it surprised me to see how big the yurt is. With a 7-meter diameter, I could comfortably stand in every corner. This isn’t always the case in yurts so that was very practical! While we spent the night here in August, I would certainly book a night during the cold months as well. The yurt easily warms up with a wood fire. Not to mention how much cozier that makes it look!

As appealing as the interior is, the outdoor setting of the Zero Waste Yurt is equally inviting. And I’m not just saying that because of my obsession with wooden hot tubs! The Nordic bath is heated with a wood fire and rises to a 40° temperature.

nordic bath at zero waste yurt

Right next to it, you’ll find an outdoor shower with warm water. Since we stayed here during August, the shower felt more refreshing than the Nordic bath. A chilly morning still felt a bit too warm for a hot tub so I would suggest using the hot tub when night falls. With a string of garden lights, it’s sure to be a magical experience. And not to forget, there is a dry toilet right next to the yurt!

The outdoor seating also includes two reclining chairs and a hammock. Perfect for some book reading! The vast view looks onto meadows. Your only nearby neighbors are horses and chickens. It’s peaceful and relaxing. Personally, I found it to be the most beautiful at night. The night sky seemed endless, an actual globe spreading out before my eyes. I wanted to spend hours looking at the constellations. It being late, I settled for a few minutes and even that put a smile on my face.

cozy evening at zero waste yurt

Breakfast at Zero Waste Yurt

The breakfast definitely lives up to its name. It comes in a picnic basket filled with many delicious treats. After you’re done enjoying this little feast, there is no waste left. Every single item arrives in reusable packaging. You put what you didn’t eat back in the basket whereas the bread crumbles and fruit pits go into the organic wastebasket. Basically, every detail is taken care of. Needless to say, the breakfast is delicious and varied too!

breakfast at zero waste yurt

There is no Wi-Fi at the Zero Waste Yurt but there is no need for it either. On the other side, a rooster might wake you up early in the morning! As unusual as that might sound, I loved being woken up like that. It reminded me of summer days at my grandma’s place where a rooster often replaced my phone alarm.

The kitchen is one of the best-equipped kitchens I’ve seen in lodgings. You will even find bulk food at your disposal, such as pasta, coffee, and tea. A gas stove and every utensil possible means you can easily cook anything during your stay. Obviously, you’ll find separate wastebaskets for different kinds of recycling. All in all, this cozy corner is perfect for creating some meals together!

zero waste yurt kitchen

One of the things I loved was all the details. The cute hidden bookshelf above the bedrest and a box filled with many board games. The Zero Waste Yurt thought of everything you might need for a longer stay. There are also two bikes available if you wish to explore the surroundings. I can just imagine how idyllic and soothing a two-night stay here could be!

Trying to limit its impact on the environment, the yurt was made with recovered materials. The result was an alternative but comfortable accommodation. Focusing on zero waste, renewable energy, and collecting water, it’s a unique concept with strong values. In fact, the owner Louise built the wooden furniture herself! Rest assured that this responsible eco lodging is extremely comfortable and cozy. If anything, you’ll feel spoiled during your stay!

The Zero Waste Yurt is a true passion project and one worth praising and supporting. Especially since it’s an impressive one-woman project! A truly unique lodging that cares about ecological and environmental consequences. On top of all that, it’s a truly beautiful place. And it makes for a perfect romantic stay in nature!

romantic yurt stay
woman sitting on a bed in the zero waste yurt
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