One wouldn’t expect to find many castles in Luxembourg, however, the country abounds with them. In fact, there are around 70 castles in this tiny country! Built as protection from invasions, a lot of them are still privately owned. However, you’ll find plenty that have been restored and are open to the public. Your best bet for seeing a lot of them is renting a car and wandering through the country. During our weekend in Luxembourg, we spent even more time discovering the castles. The entire trip only left us wanting more!

Vianden Castle

You’ll find the most popular castle in the quaint village of Vianden. Popular for a reason, it’s certainly among the most beautiful castles in Luxembourg. A mixture of different styles, the interior hides so many beautiful corners. The stunning windows offering a view of the landscape are one of the castle’s highlights. Personally, I loved the chapel and its unique colors. It looked like something out of a Wes Anderson movie!

You might notice a cable car while you’re in Vianden. You can either take the ride or walk up to the top from Vianden Castle. Whichever you choose, the end result is a wonderful view of the castle. And it was especially worth climbing up there at sunrise. So I urge you to discover the few viewpoints of Vianden Castle!

cable car viewpoint at vianden castle

Turelbaach Castle

One of the prettiest castles in Luxembourg is definitely the Turelbaach Castle. You might be surprised to hear that it’s not a castle or that it’s not very old either. Dating back to 1964, it was meant to be a private weekend house. Over the years, the house kept growing into the castle we know today. Today it belongs to the city which is planning to open it to the public in the near future.

Tucked away in the forest around two lakes, a hidden gem is a perfect way to describe Turelbaach castle. We visited on a sunny afternoon and after a short walk, found the place. As we got closer to the castle, I kept thinking about how idyllic it all looked.

turelbaach hidden castle in luxembourg

Bourscheid castle

One of the oldest castles in Luxembourg, Bourscheid Castle is situated in the same-named village. Pressed for time, we skipped out on visiting the interior. We wanted to focus on the many viewpoints of the castle at sunset. And let me tell you, that was the right decision. It’s hard to pick a favorite between the two viewpoints because they’re both amazing. The first viewpoint offers a lovely view of the valley and the castle itself. Best of all, it’s easy to access and has a parking lot right next to it.

The second one took us on a bit of an adventure, driving on roads we probably shouldn’t have been on but as we arrived, the sunset was at its most beautiful. With the riverbed curving around the hill and a winding road leading to the castle, it made for a picturesque view. Especially when coupled with a gorgeous sunset!

Bourglinster Castle

The Bourglinster castle dates back to the 11th century. Out of all of these castles in Luxembourg, this one hides a lovely surprise inside its walls. Here you’ll find two restaurants and a space for business gatherings and cultural events. But it’s one of the restaurants that should catch your eye. La Distillerie is the restaurant with the best vegetarian menu I have ever seen. With one Michelin star and a focus on local ingredients and sustainability, it’s not hard to see why I loved it so much.

bourglinster castle in luxembourg

René Mathieu is the chef behind the restaurants and we had the chance to meet him and hear all about his passion. And not only that, he took us on a foraging walk in the forest right next to the castle. By introducing us to many new plants and flowers, he also presented the ingredients for the lunch that followed right after. It was one of the longest lunches in my life and it was unforgettable. The meals were more than just food, it was an experience for the palette. To say we enjoyed our meal would be an understatement. It was by far the best vegetarian meal of my life and one that I would recommend to all vegetarians out there!

Meysembourg Castle

On a little road that seemingly leads to nowhere, you’ll find this charming castle. When you see its surroundings, it’s no surprise that Meysembourg Castle is private property. Enclosed by trees, there are still people living there so it’s not open to visitors. However, it’s still nice to marvel at the castle from the road. Built in a neo-Renaissance style, it’s a rather impressive sight!

meysembourg castle in luxembourg

Colmar-Berg Castle

Another private abode, the Colmar-Berg Castle is the main residence of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg. The head of the state decided to settle in the heart of Luxembourg. It’s a grand estate that you can only glimpse from the outside. But it’s still worth a stop in the tiny town of Colmar-Berg.

Larochette Castle

High above the city rises the beautiful Larochette Castle. Dating back to the 11th century, it’s open to the public from April to November. A fire in the 16th century left a section of the castle in ruins. Nonetheless, it’s still a picturesque sight in this small town. One of many castles in Luxembourg, I hope this list inspired you to discover them all for yourself!

larochette castle in luxembourg
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