Well, that had to have been the oddest February of my life! It started off with blankets of snow covering the ground and ended with sunshine and 20° temperatures. We took Miles out so he could enjoy the snow, not knowing it would be our last sighting of it. Normally, we still get random snowfalls during February and even March. It’s odd, I was just commenting the other day how this winter flew by, which usually isn’t something anyone says about winter. I suppose those warmer days helped make winter feel short. All I can think about now are all the spring flowers!

Spa in February

Our second week of February was marked by a visit to Frankfurt and Mainz, which you can read about in separate blog posts. Overall, it was a pleasant escape during the shortest month that somehow always feels like the longest one. Plus, everything was very easy-going due to the fact that it was a train trip. This year we’re actually planning on doing more of those kinds of trips, a few hours away from home. Besides, nothing beats car road trips!

Mainz in February
Frankfurt in February

Two days after coming back from Frankfurt, it was time for our first concert of the year. We went to see Brian Fallon in Brussels and I am not exaggerating when I say it was the most entertaining concert ever. We literally had tears in our eyes from laughing so much in between songs! Another thing we got back into this month was hiking. We put it on hold for the past three months and the sun just inspired us to finally head out. Every day of the last two weekends!

Mainz in February

I spent quite a bit of time in libraries this month, mostly reading the Tintin series in French. Not only does it help me familiarize myself with my new language but the last few sequels have been such a delight to read! After one library visit, I actually discovered a park filled with crocuses. I couldn’t believe how far throughout the park they spread. The only thing I regretted was the harsh afternoon light which gave me a lot of trouble when editing these in Lightroom! Nonetheless, it was nice to spot some early signs of spring.

For the penultimate day of February, we went to a small cinema, the only one in our vicinity that shows original movie versions and we saw Vice. Sometimes it’s nice to break the weekly routine and go out on a Wednesday! For the first time ever, February flew by and got me excited for spring even more than usual. Next month is also Grégory’s birthday and while the rain seems to be making a comeback, I still find myself excited for March.

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