In my blog post about the best day trips from Menton, I briefly mentioned La Chapelle Saint Gervais. We spent two unforgettable nights there while visiting Sospel and the l’Authion massif. A year later, I still can’t get it out of my head. This idyllic bed & breakfast stole my heart away with its stunning surroundings and charming interiors.

la chapelle saint gervais in sospel

The stone farmhouse boasts wonderful views of the valley and the mountains. Only 20 km away from Menton, I can’t think of a better haven in nature. The B&B is ridiculously picturesque and the perfect base for hiking in the area. The Mercantour National Park is at the foot of your door, with its network of 500 km of marked trails.

Right next to the B&B, you’ll find an intact chapel followed by a big yurt. Furthermore, you will have a few friendly horses as your neighbors. The owner, Pascale, combined a few of her passions in this B&B, and talking to her was a delight. She’s there for everything you might need and her cheerful disposition makes everything easier.

The peaceful setting around La Chapelle Saint Gervais only adds to its allure. As the night falls, the only thing you see are the stars and the only thing you hear is crickets chirping. I found it all so spellbinding and wished I could pause time, just to soak it all in.

Additionally, the gardens around the farmhouse are delightful. Covered in wildflowers and tall grass, the romantic in me just wanted to aimlessly frolic through the fields. In a way, I got to do just that and have fond memories of my bucolic stay.

idyllic garden at la chapelle saint gervais

The rooms at La Chapelle Saint Gervais

You will find three different rooms at La Chapelle Saint Gervais. I think it’s fair to say I got to sleep in the most breathtaking one. A remnant of the church Saint-Gervais, the room dates back to 1100. Shaped like an apse, it’s one of the dreamiest and most original rooms I had ever spent the night in. Not to speak of the fact that I’ve never slept in an older room!

unique room at la chapelle saint gervais

La Chapelle Saint Gervais is rustic charm personified. The interiors are cozy and vintage, yet you won’t miss any of the modern conveniences. The beds are so comfortable whereas everything around you is brimming with history. What’s more, I would call it the ultimate romantic getaway!

pretty interior at la chapelle saint gervais

Included in your stay is an amazing buffet breakfast. Featuring a variety of local and seasonal products, there’s something for everyone. Equally so, you can request a dinner for a small fee. Made with locally-grown ingredients, you can enjoy your meal on the terrace. Overall, both the dinner and breakfast that we tasted here were delicious.

breakfast at la chapelle saint gervais

One day I wouldn’t mind returning to this place and sitting here late into the night, getting lost in deep conversations while stargazing and listening to the endless cricket song. It’s a place that I often go back to in my head, revisiting those lovely memories. This hidden gem is only 2 km away from Sospel and more than worth the detour.

la chapelle saint gervais terrace at dusk

All things considered, it’s hard to find a more serene accommodation than La Chapelle Saint Gervais. It’s easy to picture slow days spent lounging around the garden. And even easier to imagine lazy mornings spent inside those romantic rooms. Personally, I can’t wait for life to bring me back to this slice of heaven in the Alpes-Maritimes region.

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