During my three days in Vilnius, I found a handful of magical places. Before fully diving into everything I saw during my visit, I thought I would single out the most beautiful places I visited. These unique spots in Vilnius will instantly make you want to see them for yourself. Hopefully, some of these inspire you to discover this country that is underrated but offers so much beauty!

Markučiai Manor Museum

Pavilnio gatve 1, 11345 Vilnius

Previously known as the Literary Museum of Alexander Pushkin, you’ll find this museum a bit outside the city center. The Markučiai Manor Museum is one of the most magical places in Vilnius for the sole reason that it transports you back in time. This well-preserved villa from 1868 is situated inside a charming park. You can take a walk around the estate, with a chapel and a lake on the grounds.

magical places in vilnius, markučiai manor museum

If you’re wondering about its old name, Pushkin’s son Grigory lived here with his wife Varvara. Right before WWII, the owners managed to hide the furnishings so these are all authentic pieces of furniture. The interior of this wooden house is enchanting and ever so cozy. With antique furniture, chandeliers, and stoves, it feels like stepping back in time. It was one of my favorite places that I visited in Vilnius!

Basilian Gate

Aušros Vartų gatve 11, 01304 Vilnius

The entrance to the Monastery of the Holy Trinity, the Basilian Gate is beautiful and imposing. A gorgeous example of late Baroque architecture, it was the first place I would see every morning. But as dusk fell over Vilnius, it looked like one of the most magical places in the city. The warm evening light only added to its charm. If you wish to marvel at it even longer, there’s a restaurant terrace right next to it!

Vilnius University

Universiteto gatve 3, 01513 Vilnius

All things considered, you’ll find a few magical places at Vilnius University. A few of the rooms have murals and frescoes on their walls so I would recommend exploring the philology department. You’ll stumble upon one of the auditoriums with unique frescoes. Painted by Petras Repšys, they cover the ceilings and depict scenes from Baltic mythology. He finished them in 1979, for the 400th anniversary of Vilnius University. They’re quite a sight and well worth seeing in person!

magical places in vilnius, university

As if that wasn’t enough, the church in the university complex is also stunning. Especially the hidden chapel at the Church of St. Johns. I was in a bit of a hurry but ultimately, I was glad to have wandered into this side chapel. The Baroque pipe organs are gorgeous and adorable in this slightly smaller size.

Vilnius University Library

The second I walked into the Vilnius University Library, I knew I was in one of the most magical places in the city. To be more specific, this magnificent room is the Hall of Pranciškus Smuglevičius. However, sometimes you’ll find it under the name Franciszek Smuglewicz Hall. This is the Polish-Lithuanian painter responsible for the frescoes of ancient Greeks on the walls. Basically, the two names denote the same person, the first being the Lithuanian translation of his Polish name, the latter one.

magical places in vilnius, university library

Founded back in 1570, it’s the oldest library in all of Lithuania and this room is the oldest part of the original library complex. One of my favorite places in Vilnius, I urge you to devote a morning to wandering through the university. It’s more than worth it and there’s so much to see!

Augustas & Barbora Love Story Café

Stiklių gatve 7, 01131 Vilnius

If we’re talking cafés, the Augustas & Barbora Love Story Café is the cutest one in Vilnius. Overflowing with roses, it’s the most Instagrammable spot in Vilnius. You can drop by for drinks or enjoy breakfast here. If you’re wondering about its long name, it’s about two star-crossed lovers called Augustas and Barbora. While the story of the King of Poland and the Duchess of Lithuania had a tragic ending, the café chose to celebrate their love by bearing their names.

magical places in vilnius, augustas  barbora love story cafe

Aside from the cute interior, the staff was kind and obliging. I asked for a mocktail without tonic water and the waitress went out of her way to create a delicious drink! I was even more grateful for that refreshment after three hours of walking in the sun. All in all, this is the most photogenic café in Vilnius!

Literatai Street

Literatų gatvė, Vilnius

This unique street is covered in random wooden or metal objects, as well as plaques. Supposedly, the bookstores and printing houses at the beginning of the 20th century gave the street its current name. Alternatively, the poet Adam Mickiewicz lived in the street during the 1820s and is often mentioned alongside the street name. Whatever the reason for its name, it’s a popular spot in the city and you should definitely check it out!

House of the Signatories

Pilies gatve 26, 01123 Vilnius

One of the most important historical places in Vilnius is the House of Signatories. This museum is where they signed the Act of Independence of Lithuania on February 16th, 1918. Clearly a monument of great importance for Lithuania, it’s an interesting place where you can get an insight into its history. And last but not least, the vintage interiors are quite beautiful!

Altana Hill Viewpoint

Krivių gatve, 01209 Vilnius

Finally, the last of the magical places in Vilnius is a viewpoint on Altana Hill. Not just any view, this one features a swing hanging from a tree. On my last evening in Vilnius, I braved the steep climb and gazed at one last pretty sunset over Vilnius. A bit of a hidden gem that I found by accident, it’s one of the best viewpoints in the city!

altana hill swing viewpoint over vilnius
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