After a whirlwind week in Croatia last July, I was happy to relax in a place that took me completely by surprise. Lakhota Glamping is a unique lodging in a beautiful hidden location. Situated in the province of Liège inside a private park, you sleep next to the water, surrounded by wildlife. A true hidden gem whose exact location you only get to know on the day of your arrival!

the island tent at lakhota glamping

I won’t reveal the location but I will mention one detail that makes Lakhota Glamping stand out among other lodgings in nature. It’s accessible by train, which is a rarity when it comes to similar unique stays in Belgium! Only 10 minutes on foot from the train station, this romantic stay will immediately win you over.

bed in a safari glamping tent and a woman on a swing

To be precise, you will find two separate lodgings at Lakhota Glamping. And a third one, The Mill, will be available later this year! Our tent for the night was The Island (L’île), which is only accessible by a little rowboat. I thought that detail made the lodging even more unique! We took the boat out for a few circles around the island, trying to spot baby ducklings but also to marvel at the lush greenery.

From far away, we got a glimpse of the second tent, The Hermitage (L’hermitage) during one boat outing. This tent is slightly smaller in size, accessible on foot, and has an outdoor shower. Additionally, the furniture and flooring used for both lodgings were repurposed. Both tents have complete privacy as they’re far from one another and hidden by foliage.

For as long as I can remember, I have been in love with safari tents. The colors, the textures, the furniture style, it’s everything I love about interior design! I think my childhood obsession with explorers and adventurers shows in my love for safari tents. So you can imagine my delight upon seeing this wonderful lodging. In a way, sleeping here was a dream come true!

sunset light in the tent at lakhota glamping

The king-size bed is genuinely of the biggest beds I have ever slept in and the tent never feels too small. In fact, it’s spacious, with a hidden bathroom area behind the bed and with a wood stove for ultimate comfort. By all means, it never felt like we were sacrificing any comfort while glamping. Also, we didn’t encounter many mosquitoes despite being so close to the water. Even if you do, the mosquito net is your lifesaver. We actually have a mosquito net at home and it’s one of our smartest purchases ever!

Regarding the practical aspects, you will find no electricity at Lakhota Glamping. Since the entire premise of the lodging is to disconnect and reconnect with nature, it seems redundant and personally, we didn’t feel the need for it during our stay. You can make an outdoor fire and enjoy the beautiful scenery, or simply relax with a book. Or be like me, fall completely in love with the tent and pretend you’re somewhere far away from Belgium!

bed in the safari tent at lakhota glamping

Electricity might be lacking but the dozens of candles compensate for that. Combined with all the fairy lights at night, you’re treated to the most romantic scene imaginable. Your private little island turns into a magical place straight out of fairytales. Moreover, Lakhota Glamping offers additional services, such as the honeymoon package or a couple’s massage!

lakhota glamping at night, lit up with candles

To make things even better, there is a swing right next to the tent. I couldn’t remember the last time I sat on one so it was impossible to resist it. Gently swinging on the swing surrounded by such a scenery was dreamlike. It got me a bit nostalgic and reminiscing about my childhood. The adjacent landscape is incredibly picturesque, featuring an English garden and temple, an old bridge, and an abandoned orangerie.

countryside landscape and park at lakhota glamping

The breakfast delivery happens in the most charming way possible – a picnic basket travels to you on a zipline! We relished in the hearty and varied breakfast that features something for everyone, all the while enjoying the beautiful view around us. I have to emphasize how ravishing the morning light is during the summer days. The beams of sunshine fighting through the thick foliage result in the most marvelous dappled light.

breakfast at lakhota glamping
boat and lake at lakhota glamping

On the whole, I wholeheartedly recommend spending an idyllic night at Lakhota Glamping. Whether your intention is a unique romantic stay or if you’re craving an adventurous safari tent holiday, you won’t be disappointed. Personally, this stunning place stole my heart away. I felt isolated from the rest of the world, immersed in a foreign world straight out of my wanderlust dreams!

safari tent at lakhota glamping
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