Back in June, two enchanting days in Gdansk led to a discovery of a few magical places. The city charmed me away with its dazzling architecture, distinct cultural heritage, and intriguing history. Parts of the city will remind you of Amsterdam, Bruges, or Copenhagen and there are many picturesque corners in Gdansk. I could’ve named various buildings one by one but I decided to keep it short. A thorough walk through the Old Town should cover all of those so I decided to focus on specific places. Without further ado, I hope you enjoy this list of magic places in Gdansk and find it inspiring!

Mariacka Street

Mariacka 80-833 Gdańsk

One of the most magical places in Gdansk is also one of the most popular ones. Therefore, I have to start with the prominent Mariacka Street. This adorable cobblestone street is just a stone’s throw away from the Main Square so it’s hard to miss it. It’s often called the most beautiful street in Gdansk and for a good reason. Unfortunately, WWII damage left it in complete ruins so the street had to be almost completely re-created.

magical places, mariacka street in gdansk

Personally, I found it to be two different places at different times of the day. We slowly strolled down the street at sunrise, admiring all the intricate doors. Later in the day, we walked past the many stalls selling amber jewelry. Obviously, the unique atmosphere of the quiet dawn in the city had vanished which made me even happier that we chose to wake up at 4 AM. For a city as spectacular as Gdansk, it was more than worth it!

Main Town Hall Viewpoint

Długa 46, 80-831 Gdańsk

When I reflect back on my stay in Gdansk, I always think of the gingerbread houses. They’re lovely to gaze at from every street but nothing beats seeing them from above. My favorite viewpoint is from the Main Town Hall. With St. Mary’s Church right in front of the tower, it offers a panoramic view of the city. I could’ve spent hours leaning over the fence and admiring the city. I think it’s fairly obvious why this viewpoint is one of the most magical places in Gdansk!

magical places, view of gdansk from main town hall

However, that’s not all that the Main Town Hall offers. Before you climb up the 200-odd steps, you can visit the museum housed inside the Main City Hall. It was full of grand chambers, antique furniture, and opulent staircases. The Great Council Hall has got to be the most fascinating room. It features an impressive 25 paintings completely covering the ceiling. My neck hurt after staring up at all the striking details everywhere!

beautiful ceiling at main town hall in gdansk

Artus Court

Długi Targ 43-44, 80-831 Gdańsk

One of the many captivating houses on the Main Square in Gdansk, Artus Court is a museum nowadays. Dating back to the 14th century, it used to be the meeting place of merchants. It was an important center of social and commercial life in Gdansk. The interior is one big Gothic hall full of ship models, portraits, and medallions. What stands out is the great tiled stove that rises to 11m, with more than 500 tiles depicting rulers, coats of arms, and allegorical figures. It’s the tallest stove of its kind in Europe and even though I already saw some in Vilnius, I found this one quite remarkable!

magical places, artus court in gdansk

Uphagen’s House

Długa 12, 80-827 Gdańsk

When it comes to museums in Gdansk, Uphagen’s House is among the more magical ones. Located on the notable Long Street, this 18th-century house used to be the home of a Gdansk merchant. From one elegant room to another, we explored every corner of this residence. The majority of the furniture is original and each room has a different decor.

magical places, uphagens house in gdansk
uphagens house interior in gdansk

In total, Uphagen’s House makes for a quick and engaging visit. My favorite part was the main hallway and its enchanting stucco decoration. The floral ornaments look wonderful with the pastel color palette!

magical places, uphagen house museum in gdansk

Map of the Northern Sky

Bednarska 2, 80-848 Gdańsk

Next to the imposing Great Mill, you’ll find a cute little park. The park bears the name of Jan Heweliusz, or as he’s also known, Johannes Hevelius. A mayor, brewer, and astronomer during the 17th century, he was an important figure in Gdansk. Alongside his sculpture, it’s impossible to miss the large wall mural depicting constellations. More concretely, it’s the map of the northern sky according to Heweliusz’s work. Golden lines on a burgundy sky make for a charming sight and one that is easy to miss. I love that the position of the night sky is such that Heweliusz is looking right at it!

magical places, map of the northern sky in gdansk

Royal Chapel

Świętego Ducha 58, 80-834 Gdańsk

Overshadowed by St. Mary’s Church, is a cute little Baroque chapel. Squeezed between two narrow houses, the Royal Chapel is the only Baroque church in Gdansk. The chapel isn’t open to the public but honestly, I’m not sure that matters too much. The facade is the most alluring feature with a unique combination of orange and mint colors. It was built during the 17th century as a haven for Catholics in Gdansk, a city dominated by Polish protestants. You might not even notice it but for the dome unless you walk past it. In my opinion, this tiny chapel is easily among the most magical places in Gdansk.

magical places, royal chapel in gdansk

Millenium Cross

Reduta Miejska, 80-980 Gdańsk

I already mentioned the best viewpoint in Gdansk but if you want to see more than just the Old Town, you’ll need to take a longer walk. Not far from the train station, on top of Gradowa Hill rises the Millenium Cross. From up there, you can marvel at the Old Town in the distance and also the famous shipyards of Gdansk. The sun sets exactly over the shipyards, bathing them in pastel colors. Even from afar, we could hear some of the bars and live concerts happening in a now-trendy neighborhood.

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