Less than a month ago, we spent a night inside the coziest cabin in the woods. Just outside of Malmedy and hidden away in the forest, the Woodpecker Lodge is an absolute dream. There’s something about it that reminded me of cabins you see in the United States. You could easily forget you’re in Belgium!

woodpecker lodge cozy wooden interior

You’ll find many cabins scattered all throughout Wallonia but there’s something about this one that makes it stand out. The concept and construction evoke those picturesque cabins in the woods that you always see in the Pacific Northwest. The heart of the cabin consists of a living room and a kitchen. This open living space also offers an unobstructed view of the valley. The ladder leads to the mezzanine bed and everything feels compact yet spacious at the same time!

woodpecker lodge cozy cabin in the woods

Easily warmed up by the wood stove, the cabin has everything you might need. The fully equipped kitchen means that nothing will be amiss during a longer stay. One thing to note is that breakfast isn’t included in your reservation so make sure to think of that if you get peckish in the morning!

Upon arriving at the Woodpecker Lodge that evening, the cabin immediately impressed me. Decorated with fairy lights and a Christmas tree, its cozy wooden interior felt so inviting. I just wanted to curl up with some hot chocolate and a book!

Despite being isolated in the woods, there are plenty of things to do while staying at the Woodpecker Lodge. You’re in the heart of the Ardennes, in the Amblève valley so you can take many different hikes. Or if you’re like me, don’t leave this beautiful cabin! The Woodpecker Lodge is the perfect place for a romantic couple’s getaway. When you want to do nothing but shut off the world and unwind.

Waking up to a landscape covered in frost and seeing it from the mezzanine bed made me so happy. It’s the next best thing after snow to wake up to in December! Speaking of the mezzanine bed, it’s warm, comfortable, and frankly, gigantic! It’s the perfect cozy nook to fall asleep in. The exposed wooden beams add a rustic charm to the Woodpecker Lodge. In short, anywhere you look you will see beautiful details.

Jacuzzi at the Woodpecker Lodge

The most attractive aspect of the Woodpecker Lodge is definitely the outdoor jacuzzi. It’s on the terrace and you can use it anytime during your stay. Hopping into the jacuzzi when everything around me was still covered in frost was incredible! I only regretted it couldn’t last a bit longer. But even that short dip felt amazing. Come to think of it, that makes two years in a row that I take outdoor baths in December!

woman in the woodpecker lodge jacuzzi

The bathroom connects the cabin to the outdoor jacuzzi. And it’s stunning in itself with the Italian shower and the chic washbasins. I especially loved how the morning light poured in through the slates.

The Woodpecker Lodge was a lifelong dream of its owner Vincent. He abandoned everything and poured his heart into this project at the age of 24. He built it with his own hands with the help of his father. And you can see the love in every detail of this well-crafted accommodation! The wooden material was locally sourced and the isolation is natural so the cabin respects the environment. It blends into the landscape rather than changing it!

woman being cozy at the woodpecker lodge

In conclusion, the Woodpecker Lodge is the perfect lodging for a forest getaway in Wallonia. Looking back on it, a one-night stay is too short. It’s over before you know it! I can imagine an idyllic winter escape at the Woodpecker Lodge. Maybe my December stay influenced me but this cabin feels perfect for cold days. I bet having breakfast on the balcony would feel equally dreamy. Either way, it’s an accommodation one could always return to!

woodpecker lodge cozy chalet in wallonia
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