Aside from October and November, I think I only anticipate April with as much eagerness. I find it incredibly exciting to chase down the different blossoms all month long. I mention it in more detail in my spring favorites blog post. This year, the first blossoms we found were nearby our home and they made for some romantic photos. I’m unsure as to what tree this is exactly so I think it’s time I get a book on this matter!

Girl under a blossoming tree in April

Normally, magnolias are the first ones to make an appearance. This year we spotted them on the first weekend of April and took some photos on the main square of Spa. The following day, we went to our first comedy stand-up show in Brussels and it was amazing! We’re big fans of Dylan Moran so we went to see him perform live and he certainly delivered. We laughed so much and the evening flew by. Definitely something I wouldn’t mind repeating in the future!

Blooming magnolias in April
Girl wearing a hat under a blooming magnolia tree in April

The following week, I dropped by Liège in hopes of finding some pink blossoms and I got more than I bargained for. I found the most beautiful trees with pink blossoms in the middle of a park. Usually, these trees are inconvenient for taking portraits because the branches are too high or the trees are in odd places. There is only greenery and empty space around these trees. Perfect for taking dreamy cherry blossoms portraits! I wished I could’ve spent more time underneath them but obligations awaited me. Unfortunately, I couldn’t revisit it for portraits but I know where I’m headed next year in April!

Cherry blossoms in April
Cherry blossoms in April

Mid-April basically switched over to summer weather so we were outside every day. Sitting outside with a book felt comfortable in short sleeves. We took our bikes out and rode for hours. Miles got a minimum of two walks every day. It felt like summer and then the cold rainy weather made a return. But that didn’t stop us from attending one brilliant concert. We saw The Antlers perform an acoustic version of their album “Hospice”. In short, it was magical and heartbreaking at the same time. A concert you don’t forget easily.

On a final note, we finally started planning our car road trip. I can now reveal it will be a car road trip across Brittany and Normandy! I am exceedingly thrilled this is finally happening. For ten days, we’ll be discovering one dreamy place after another. Castles, cliffs, cathedrals, beaches, timber-framed houses, you name it. I have been dreaming of visiting these two regions of France for a long time. I couldn’t be more ready for this road trip and for warmer weather!

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