As I mentioned in my previous post on Carcassonne, I had lots of trouble finding a place that serves vegetarian dishes that aren’t plain salads. So I figured I could share a few options for good restaurants in Carcassonne that we found. Plus a seaside favorite of mine that I couldn’t omit because the tapas were just that good!

Meery Cake

Rue Barbès 13, 11000 Carcassonne

Meery Cake was a much-needed lunch break on a busy morning exploring the old town. We were exhausted and on our way back to the room when I remembered this place. I noticed it while looking up a tea room in Carcassonne and you can see why. Endless cakes and cupcakes in the coziest interior ever! I must admit, even though it was lunchtime and they have a savory menu, I just had to try a raspberry chocolate cake with my tea. Grégory went with baked camembert and a side salad and feeling full and satisfied, we headed back to our room for a rest. In fact, had we had more time on our last day, we would have stopped for another meal or drink at Meery Cake!

restaurants in carcassone, meery cake

restaurants in carcassone, meery cake

Au Four Saint Louis

Rue Saint-Louis 4, 11000 Carcassonne

On our first evening, we were unable to find a restaurant that was open. Because the beginning of March is still off-season when it comes to tourists, most of the places I found prior to our trip were all closed, with no warning. And then Au Four Saint Louis came to our rescue. Not only was it open but for half of our meal, we were the only customers. There probably aren’t many vegetarian restaurants in Carcassonne so this was probably our best choice. They actually bother about the few meals on the menu that are vegetarian instead of tossing a plain salad with two other vegetables. All in all, we were both satisfied with our light but delicious dinner and I would definitely recommend this restaurant.

restaurants in carcassone, au four saint louis

restaurants in carcassone, au four saint louis


Rue Trivalle 22, 11000 Carcassonne

This was the restaurant where Grégory took me for a surprise dinner after watching The Shape of Water at the local cinema. We actually passed by it the previous day and I stopped to read their menu, looking for anything possibly vegetarian. I mostly found seafood, was delighted by that, and then forgot all about the restaurant. As we were walking towards my surprise in the evening drizzle, it never crossed my mind that this was it. Needless to say, I was delighted and the food was marvelous. I know Grégory couldn’t say the same but that’s exactly why I thought he was the nicest person ever. He simply insisted on me being a priority this time.

restaurants in carcassone, floridablanca

Saturday Food Market

Place Carnot, 11000 Carcassonne

On our last morning in Carcassonne, we decided to go to the usually empty main square which on Saturdays fills up with people and food. You can find everything here, in fact, straightaway you have all the fresh ingredients for a picnic in the park. If that morning had been a warmer one, that’s exactly what we would have done. We quickly realized the food market in Carcassonne is quite different from our local one in Spa. Yes, it’s quite bigger but also it solely focuses on fresh produce and I loved seeing that. We even got to try out some persimmon which was surprisingly sweet for this time of year. All things considered, if you want to eat the way locals do, just head to the food market if you’re in the city on a Saturday. It’s a great alternative option to restaurants in Carcassonne!

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